The Top 10 Best Paid Jobs

With inflation rising in the recent economy, a good-paying job is much essential. A degree from a good college does help in getting a good job, for this consider following Top 10 options:

1. Computer Specialist

In today’s IT world, being a computer specialist is one of the best options which can easily fetch you about $60,000 per year. The work background may vary in the hardware or software field, but both are equally lucrative.

2. Nuclear Technician

Looking for a more technical job, then nuclear technician jobs are the one for you. With an Applied Science degree you can also end in $60000 per year mark. The job involves high tech technology of nuclear energy and its allied research fields.

3. Dental Hygienist

With a degree in Dental Hygienist, you can be part of upcoming and fast growing field of Dental Hygienist which does gives about a salary of $58,000 per year. You need to pass a clinical exam from any accredited Dental Hygiene School. The job descriptions involves of dental care e.g. Cleaning, filling, root canal treatments, preventative care etc.

4. Radiation Therapist

Students with a degree in Radiation Therapy Program can apply for Radiation Therapist jobs. The main duties of the post include administration of performing radiation tests such X-ray, CTC scan etc. A radiation therapist also does get around $57,000 per year.

5. Nuclear Medicine

Those who are interested in nuclear and medicine fields can try into Nuclear medicine which does ask for a college degree in nuclear medicine technology and licensing. At $55,000 per year, this is also a field to look for, where ones job involves administering radiopharmaceuticals to patients and monitoring of the concentration of drugs in the patient’s body.

6. Fashion Designer

Fashion Industry an upcoming market across the world asks for students with degrees in Fashion technology, design and /or fine arts. With an average package about $55,000 per year, the job is quite exciting for those who do like to catch with the latest trends and haute couture.

7. Aerospace Engineering and Operation Technicians

Another job calling for engineering degree is of Aerospace technicians which also provide an average salary of $52,000 per year. Those interested in the aerospace field will find this interesting as job involves maintenance, testing, troubleshooting of complex aerospace machineries.

8. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

The job of medical sonographer involves usage of specialized Sonographicequipment, administration and recording of data. The job requiring a degree in medical sonography makes about $52,000 per year.

9. Registered Nurse

A Registered nurse is one which requires good training and education than the normal licensed nurses. Moreover they have many more growth opportunities than the normal nurses, because they have a variety of fields to work in. They can apply for the posts of school nurses, clinic nurses, camp nurses etc. and can earn a good amount of money through this profession. There are RNs who earn as high as $52000 a year!

10. Engineering Technicians

They need to be engineering graduates, and perform development tasks, research tasks etc. They also have the potential to earn up to $50,000 a year.

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